Welcome to the Scott Stevenson School of Dance!

The Scott Stevenson School of Dance is an established school of 37 years situated in the heart of Doncaster town centre with teaching branches also  in Blaxton and Wheatley. We offer the highest standard of training in a broad range of technical g15085729_1482619901766730_6880071083823800690_nenres such as classical ballet, modern/jazz and tap as well as fun classes such as street dance and commercial providing local communities with an opportunity to enjoy both the health and social benefits of dance.
We are  a registered school with the Royal Academy of Dance  and are one of the leading institutions for the R.A.D in the Doncaster area with our Principal Christina Stevenson having been the R.A.D co-ordinator for the Yorkshire region for over 15years. Our teachers are also examiners, lecturers and adjudicators within the British Association of  Teachers of Dancing.


We offer examinations at all levels within the British Association of Teachers of Dancing as well as the R.A.D. Tuition is with qualified and professional teachers who are up to date in all aspects of the dance business.  The school has enjoyed many successes over its long history including many scholarship, bursary and championship winners as well as a high number of cell block tangoformer pupils currently working in the business. We are also very proud of our 100% pass rate within all examinations at all levels including the R.A.D professional examinations.


Our school is respected for its consistently high standard of exciting and unique choreography which is available and customized to all pupils who wish to take part in festivals, championships and shows.


13619855_1352607361434652_1189308890583985906_nWe have trained our pupils to provide the opportunities for all to achieve their individual potential. We aim to help our  pupils gain a secure understanding of both the technique and the dancers greatest tool; the body, as well as providing them with constant opportunity for artistic expression and growth through sheer love of dance. We are extremely proud of all our pupils as they continue to aspire to and achieve at the highest level.